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Welcome to Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services, LLC

We are your Iowa Hunting Land Sales and Land Management Headquarters!

                                                  (Est: 1999)

Harness the Power of the 1031-Tax Exchange!

Harness the Power of the 1031-Tax Exchange!

I remember the phone call like it was yesterday. The man on the other end wanted to sell his small Iowa farm. And, of course, he wanted to sell it for a good profit. And then he wanted to use that money to buy another, larger farm. Good idea! But he didn't want to pay...

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Calling All Iowa Coyotes

Calling All Iowa Coyotes

  An old friend from eastern Iowa called me, “We really had a great hunt this morning”, he said excitedly. “We set up on a big open ridge and howled at first light,” He continued on, “Within minutes a coyote howled back seconds and seconds later two coyotes...

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Picture of Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services founder with Iowa buck.

Hi, I’m Rich,

Welcome to Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services!

I’m really glad you found us!   IWHS offer’s you the best Iowa hunting land and we offer you our help so that you can manage your Iowa land the way you want it to be managed!  We are a pioneer in the Iowa deer and land management business and have been doing this since 1999!

We know that finding a great Iowa farmland investment, or hunting land parcel, at the right price, can seem like a daunting task!

It can seem like trying to find that proverbial needle in the haystack.

And we realize, too, that managing such a property for optimal wildlife benefit, trophy whitetail potential, and/or maximum property value can be a real challenge (just to name a few things).

But, we are here to help you solve these problems!

Check out our RESOURCES PAGE if you haven’t done so. We’ve got a ton of usefull downloads and Info on there!

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Picture of an Iowa whitetail buck.

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