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Hello and Welcome to Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services!


Your Iowa Land Sales and Wildlife/Forestry Management Headquarters-- Don't settle for substitutes you deserve IWHS! 
Just email us or give us a call any time! [email protected] or 641-919-9026 


Our objective is to help you find the hunting land you would like to purchase and to optimize your land for wildlife -- whether to upgrade it's hunting potential or to simply enable more productive wildlife viewing opportunities for you and your family. 


Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services helps Iowa landowners -- and future Iowa landowners in many ways:


Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services offers top quality Iowa hunting land for sale. Many properties offer significant income and all are hand-picked by our staff to deliver maximum hunting or wildlife viewing opportunity! We don't sell just any hunting parcel -- we sell only top-quality Iowa hunting parcels -- many of which we manage for trophy deer, turkey, pheasant and other game and non-game animals! Some also offer great fishing in the ponds which we manage as well. In short, the land for sale you see on our site is not the typical Iowa land for sale you might see through an average real estate agency -- land that is usually unmanaged for wildlife and often neglected, overgrazed and rundown. Much of the land we offer is being actively managed by our staff and is set up for maximum wildlife use as well as maximum income to you! 

  • We provide habitat enhancement to landowners (forest, uplands, wetlands, ponds, food plots, etc.,) Significant cost-share is often available for various projects and we help landowners get as much as is possible. 
  • Our wildlife consulting services will help you attract and maintain such animals as trophy whitetails, wild turkey, pheasant, quail, waterfowl and nongame species. We accomplish this by examining your land and wildlife objectives. Then, we custom draft a wildlife management plan specific to your property. Check out our consulting plan page for all the info and then give us a call! 
  • We offer FREE hunting articles on this website -- articles to help you become a better hunter, fisherman or steward of the land! Many of these articles are written by our staff. However, we are open to article suggestions. So if you have an idea for an article and feel qualified to write it, shoot us an e-mail! Iowa Wildlife Management Services may just publish your article! 
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The above is just a general assessment of what Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services offers. Please, roam around some -- check out all of our pages. It's here that you will find the details of the various programs we offer!

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