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 A few bucks taken over IWHS food plots for 2007  --- Deer/Buck Pictures
Our friend Dennis Van Gorp took this Clarke county brute over one of our select custom clover mixed plot in October 2007.  

Another angle of the buck taken By Dennis Van Gorp above.

The monster buck in the trail cam photo above was harvested
by our friend Gary Rogers, with his bow, a few weeks later!  (Check
out the picture below!. According to Gary, this buck lived in the clover plot
and was the only place the deer was seen or photographed!

Gary shot this WORLD CLASS BUCK over one of our custom clover blend mixes -- look at those G2's, G3's, G4's and G5's!  Stay tuned for more info on this buck as you'll probably be seeing it in an upcoming magazine article.

Somehow your's truly stumbled upon some dumb luck this fall and shot
this fellow.  I don't enter any bucks in any record books but a friend told
me this deer would likely be one of the top 50 or 60 scoring 8-point
typicals of all time.  He has less than 3 inches of total deductions.
This deer was taken over one of our custom-blended clover food plot mixes -- he
munched on the clover then headed toward a huge standing
corn field when I shot him.