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Pictures From Monroe County Iowa Trophy Buck Farm
This farm is great habitat for deer and has the sanctuary cover necessary to attract and hold bucks until they reach the older age classes.  Lots of quality deer management in the area helps greatly to enhance the age structure as well.  This farm has a nice amount of timber and the open areas are not open to a deer -- they are filled with 5-8 foot tall native grasses and or food!   (switchgrass, big bluestem and/or Indiangrass)  The deer live and get big in these types of areas as you can see in these photographs.  As always, our trail cam photos are taken on the farm they represent!  We guarantee this and can verify it by field inspection.

Above -- a typical buck you can expect to see most any time during the fall on this parcel-- 150-170 class bucks -- expect 'em!  Bigger?  You bet!  Above right, black-eye'd susans amidst a sea of young Indiangrass.
Switchgrass, above right, is planted on over 30 acres on this tract.  The bucks love to bed and chase does in that stuff!  Photo at left: "X" marks a good spot for a stand!

This farm is loaded with food!  The Indiangrass pictured above, with the large golden seed plumes, is over 6 feet tall in many places, making it ideal bedding and refuge cover for bucks.
Seasonal candy crops, like the apples that will hit the ground in a couple years in the orchard above left , are real treats for whitetails -- in fact, research has suggested that nothing is favored more by whitetails than apples!  The white oak acorns also above are high in protein and will pull deer from afar too!
Believe it or not, but a bass jumped out of the water to catch a dragonfly right when I snapped the photo on the left, above.  The arrowhead plants on the left side point to the splash.
Big deer sign is not in short supply on this farm!