Van Buren county, Iowa 355 Acre, M/l, farm for Sale!

Priced at:  $1,475,000.00

Picture of giant buck Van Buren county Iowa 355 acre farm for sale  Van Buren county Iowa 355 acre farm -- picture of big buck  Van Buren County Iowa 355 Acre Farm for Sale

 When your “ship comes in” you need to be sure you are standing on the dock to greet it!  Well, your “ship”  has just come in!  Jump on it now before it is gone!

Excellent Hunting/Investment Iowa Farm!

INFO PAGE!  (includes, various aerial photos, topo maps, tax and CRP info, and a 59 page, PDF, custom farm data report!)

This is a turn-key Iowa deer hunting farm that will knock your socks off —-  The Buck Really Does Stop Here!

Can you say Trophy Whitetail Buck habitat Galore?!    Tons of edge habitat!  And, you know, whitetaills LOVE edge cover —  this place has it in spades!

Check these things out:

  • Habitat work gone wild has gone into this place over the years — acres and acres of tall native grass cover!  This cover is much superior to non-native cool season grass that dominate other farms.  Big bucks love bedding in these tall fields of security cover in the winter for added thermal protection and in the summer because it surrounds them with a shaded oasis.  Plus, native warm season grass is, in and of itself, a built-in security cover for whitetails.  These 5-8 foot tall grasses form a sea of cover, just like a forest to a deer!
  • Custom Timber Stand Improvement work has been done throughout most of the forested acres  This helps to speed the growth of trees like selected white, red and black oak, as well as black cherry and black walnut.  This can double the speed of growth of these trees that can have a BIG value in the future.  The timber stand improvement work also maximizes acorn production and enhances ground level browse, security, and thermal cover for deer.  It is a huge thing to have done in terms of the impact it has to the area wildlife and to the overall health and value of the forested acres, as well.
  • There area a couple of small orchards on the farm planted planted for whitetails.  These have different kinds of apples and pears too!  Deer love these fruit and orchards will draw deer in big time when they are dropping fruit!
  • Farm comes with 8 Buckeye trail cameras — these cameras feed images directly to your email within seconds of being taken.  They operate with solar panel charged batteries so there is no need to really ever go to the camera itself, other than to replace a dead battery which happens every few years or so.
  • Farm comes with several custom-made scent tight Rack Shack blinds.  These blinds seal so tight that odor is trapped inside and deer cannot smell you regardless of wind direction!  They are very comfortable and roomy to hunt out of!  I have personally shot several large bucks with a bow out of these sorts of blinds.  They are deadly!
  • Farm has 91.9 acres in CRP and 36.22 acres considered FSA tillable soils that are not presently in any CRP == 128.12 total tillable acres, according to most recent FSA data — Please check out the soils maps and reports page HERE — some extremely HIGH GRADE SOILS on this Iowa farm!
  • Approximately 12 acres currently in established food plots spread around the entire farm!
  • Farm has various CRP contracts which expire between 2020 and 2027. Total CRP income is $15,564.00. There appears to be another 50-53 acres, or so, that could be farmed immediately.  This should bring another $12,000 per year or so.  (Note:  One could farm the CRP acres when they expire; they could, also, be “bought out” and farmed immediately.  And, they would most likely be eligible to be renewed when they expire for a probable — though not guaranteed —  much higher rate!  In short, long term income prospects for this farm could be superb!  Excellent soils!  Nearly 70 acres of 70 and above CSR 2 average soils!!  Such soils have sold recently in Iowa for over $10,000 per acre!  These are PRIME FARM ACRES! 
  • This farm is sandwiched within a very desired area of trophy whitetail production — excellent neighbors, according to the owner!  This region receives overall light pressure and there are literally thousands of acres of land being managed for whitetails within  just a few miles of this farm!
  • This farm sits on what I call the “Magic Line” — that is the line where the major agricultural areas to the north merge with the rougher topography and rugged lands to the south.  Allot of big whitetails seem to pop up within a few miles of this line every season, including bucks topping that magical 200 gross inch mark!
  • Call Rich at 641-919-9026 or Contact Us to see this once-in-a-lifetime Iowa Farm for Sale!


 Look at what has been happening in Van Buren County, Iowa specifically.  Don’t miss your opportunity to invest in this region of high demand!!!

Data for Van Buren County, Iowa:

From 2009 – 2010, average farm ground in Van Buren county increased 11.3%
From 2010-2011, average farm ground in Van Buren county increased 29.5%
From 2012-2013, average farm ground in Van Buren county increased 11.4%

(Data summary from ISU Farm Land Value Survey Reports)



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Here’s a few pictures from the farm:  Double Click on any image below to ENLARGE the view!

unnamed (7) gobbler buck D buck c buck b buck A Van Buren county Iowa 355 Acre Iowa farm for sale -- big buck picture Picture of monster Van Buren 355 buck Aerial Photo of Van Buren county Iowa 355 acre Iowa farm for sale Van Buren 355 buck 1 fence1 clover wayneplot Viewoutblindwindow turnip Edge habitat. Food plot areas. Van Buren county, Iowa 355 acres for sale Big buck on Iowa Van Buren county farm for sale Hinge cuts Iowa farm for sale. Van Buren county 355 acres Huge buck rub van buren county Iowa 355 acre land for sale Picture of turnips Van Buren county 355 acres farm for sale _MG_4681va buren 314 and 60 Deer beds in snow. Van Buren county Iowa 355 acre farm for sale. _MG_4707va buren 314 and 60 ed s Big Buck Van Buren County Iowa Farm for Sale photos of white deer van buren county iowa 355 acres for sale Van buren county Iowa. Picture of land for sale. 355 acres. unnamed Monster buck Van Buren county Iowa farm for sale










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