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We’ve been specializing in Iowa hunting land sales – including Iowa farmland, Iowa recreational land, Iowa forestland, and Iowa acreages —  for 17 years!


  And we plan on continuing our Iowa land selling tradition!


But we don’t just offer quality Iowa farms and Iowa land for sale.  We also give you years of experience in wildlife and forestry management and offer free Iowa forest-land inspections with each listing!


We are professional Iowa Realtors and are members of our local MLS board as well.  Every listing we have goes on the MLS system — (this is not true of many land sales agencies)

Each Iowa land listing also goes on several dozen other websites across North America as well!

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Brand New Listing!


140 Acres:  Wapello County, Iowa

Purchase this NOW for $500,000 (Motivated Seller!)

  (Get a return on your investment immediately each year with the CRP program making part of your farm payment!  PLUS:  Enjoy some of the very best hunting for trophy whitetails and turkeys in the nation!)

Here is a chance to own your dream property!   Don’t let it get away!  $10,216 in income per year!  (could easy increase 50-100% when CRP contract expires in 2020.  This would be by renewing at then updated rates, possibly, or by cash-renting the ground out to a farmer.  Farm it your self for even more $!)

If you are looking for a special and unique farm that has great income this is it!

This farm has 66.3 Acres of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) land that has been professionally planted with an array of tall native prairie grasses and flowers.  The owner gets $10,216/year income from CRP that expires on September 30, 2020.  ($154/acre CRP income).  (Big bucks, turkey, pheasants, quail, and rabbits love this sort of cover for both security and thermal protection — and this farm is loaded with all of them).

If you are looking for a farm that has some of the best hunting for giant whitetails in one of the top states in the nation, you’ve found it!

Just check out the aerial photo of this farm and you will quickly see how special this farm is to the trophy whitetail hunter.

It is surrounded by large blocks of unbroken timbered habitat.  There are literally dozens of big gullies and ravines that funnel in and out of this property from other areas of big habitat.  During the rut, this farm has big bucks from virtually every point on the compass dial cruising in and out of it looking for does.  This means it hunts HUGE — much larger than the 140 acres that it really is.  You will see bucks on this farm during the rut that you never knew existed! (I know because I’ve hunted it.  I’ve seen bucks over 180-inches on this property on multiple occasions.  And, I’ve seen groups of over 20 gobblers in one bunch!  This property is very special and whoever buys it will find that out very quickly!)

There look to be scattered sites that could be excellent for building a pond or even a small lake!

There are 73.70 acres of timber.

This timber was recently logged (but there are still PLENTY of trees!)  The good part about this is that for the first 15 years after logging – at least — deer populations often literally explode!  This is because this property will get THICKER and there will be more ground-level food and cover for the deer.  This means this property can hold more deer AND will have more security cover to help bucks stay alive longer and get bigger.  (Not that this property needed any help with having more deer and big bucks but this is only going to make it that much better:)!

This property is just 2.5 miles from Ottumwa!  We almost never see properties like this come up for sale — let alone let alone properties that feel and hunt this big and remote yet are literally just a hop, skip, and a jump from town!

It has power and rural water along the road too!   And there are tons of places where one could build that dream house or cabin!

Call Rich at 641-919-9026 to schedule a time to come see this great property before someone else buys it!

Wapello 140

Location of Wapello County Iowa 140 acre property

Brand New Listing!

Sorry —  This one is now SOLD!

59.59 Acres, m/l; Van Buren County Iowa

$166,852 ($2800 per acre)

This is an awesome opportunity to get in on a superb smaller hunting property at a really good price!

(There aren’t many great smaller farms on the market these days at this great price point!)

Complete Farm Soils Report

Check out just some of the features:

This farm is THICK!  The owner had a lot of forest management done in this to benefit whitetails.  This work will also greatly benefit the upland bird populations with overall better nesting and security habitat.  He had lots of hinge-cutting done throughout.

If you are looking for a smaller farm that has the ability to hold A LOT of deer then look NO FARTHER!

You will not be disappointed in this farm!


  • This Iowa Farm has the perfect 50-50 ratio of timber to open land.
  • Lots of stand sites for multiple wind directions.
  • This farm sets up great for hunting — walking into prevailing westerly winds to get to stands!
  • 30 Acres of timber, m/l. (some nice timber here)! (mix of white oak, black oak, red oak, shingle oak, walnut, hickory, ash, hackberry elm, and others., etc.)
  • 30 acres of crop, m/l. (land lays nice with easy access)!
  • This Iowa farm has $4202 per year in CRP income! ( 2 contracts expire in 2022 and 2027)
  • This property has a history of big buck activity and is in the direct vicinity of thousand of acres of highly managed land for trophy whitetails!   This Iowa farm lies within 1 mile of hundreds and hundreds of acres of land managed for giant bucks!
  • Tons of turkeys on this one too!  Pheasants are here too!
  • There are building sites with water and electricity on site!
  • There is already a 720 square foot, 20 x 36 metal pole building (almost brand new — constructed in 2013)
  •  There is an established food plot of a couple of acres or so as well as many other great food plot locations!
  • This Iowa property comes with a completely scent-containing Lick Creek Custom hunting blind.  These are the same custom blinds that our company pioneered with the help of the owner of Lick Creek Enterprises. I have used these blinds for the past 10 years and I feel there are no better blinds on the market (hunt out of them for a season, and we bet you will agree)!   Deer do not smell you in these and they are ideal for bowhunting out of. I’ve shot numerous 150-inch to 180-inch bucks out of my custom blinds — many bucks being straight downwind of my location and completely oblivious to a nearby human!  (And all of my blinds are on the ground).  Anyway — this farm comes with one and they are about $2K each.


Brand New Listing!


46 Acres, m/l: Wapello County Iowa (Small farm with monster bucks and lots of INCOME!)


$205,000  (total income potential of $8,000 per year!)

This farm offers a return of nearly 4% on the asking price! Plus, offers huge tax break benefits!  (This return would nearly negate the interest rate for a loan on the purchase — bringing the effective borrowing rate down close to near zero.  Or, give you an instant return on a cash deal)

So many people have asked for it so here it is: an awesome smaller southern Iowa farm with a history of monster deer and in a superb area that offers highly managed ground within 1/4 mile and superb genetics to consistently grow bucks over 170-inches!

This one also offers a unique opportunity to take advantage of some big tax saving advantages with a house on site that has been used as a rental property (a solid older farm house with a metal rough and vinyl siding).  The home is nothing fancy but is solid and always rents out super easy. The current tenants are fantastic!


Look at just some of these features:


  • In a great location just 8-miles or so from Ottumwa (near Agency, Iowa).  And just 25 minutes from Fairfield going the other way!
  • Very diverse timber — Giant old white oaks mixed with a blend of other oaks, hickory, and cedar thickets!
  • Property is surrounded by great whitetail habitat to the south, east and to the west.  The deer often ravel north to feed in the big grain fields that direction — which means they come right to and through this property toward you!
  • Big Cedars and small cedars!  These offer the best wintertime thermal cover that attracts whitetails from all over when the weather gets really snowy and cold!  Rare property that actually has a very good number of BIG cedars — awesome for stand sites!  Or, find a market for the wood and make $’s.  Cedar makes some very neat projects like fireplace mantels, shelves, etc.
  • Plenty of water on this property.  There is a small “frog pond” as well as water that seeps from the ground in most of the steep ravines.
  • Giant bucks have always been drawn to this property I think because of the steep ravines.  They can stay cool in the summer by staying in the bottoms of the ravines and the ravines make superb escape cover as well.
  • This property seems HUGE when you walk it!  Lots of up and down ravines and it is thick!
  • Lots of deer and turkey and there are some pheasant and quail as well.
  • 6-7 acres of field space.  These acres could easily be cash rented out to a farmer for an estimated $150 per acre per year == $1,000 per year (estimate).  The fields lay flat and are easy to farm and have great soils.  You could “food plot” them all if you wanted!
  • As mentioned, this property has a house on site (right adjacent the road so it does not impact the hunting in any way, shape, or form!  The home is 2 bedroom/1 bath with a large living room, kitchen and nice yard area (perfect garden spot).  New septic 3 years ago too!  This house has always been rented out and is SUPER easy to rent and the tenants are fantastic!  The house brings in $6600.00 per year or $550/mo.  Rent could easily be raised to over $600.  The house could easily be maintained as a rental or one could use it as a place to stay when they came to the property to hunt.  Or, one could live in the house while building a new one somewhere else on the site (there are several excellent building sites on this property and there is another spot with rural water and electric already established on the site!)
  • This property offers an awesome small field near the center of the property that is completely surrounded by timber.  Awesome food plot spot!
  • Several areas that appear to be perfect sites to build large deep ponds or small lakes!
  • Only one buck has been harvested from this property in the last 12 years!  The owner doesn’t get a chance to hunt it much which is why he is selling.  A buck that gross scored in the low 180’s was taken 4 years ago.  Bucks of this size and bigger are seen every year on this parcel!
  • Access to stands is almost always into the area’s prevailing SW winds!

Be sure to come see this farm before it is gone.  You won’t be disappointed!  Call Rich at 641-919-9026 or email us!  Note:  This property is owned by a licensed Iowa real estate broker.


Just “CLICK” on the images below to display a larger view and to see more images — image slider.


Brand New Listing!

76.36 Acres, m/l; Jefferson County, Iowa  (about 8-mi. south of Fairfield)

$221,444 ($2900 per acre)

Here is a really nice piece of southern Iowa real estate!  It’s hard to find these highly desirable smaller tracts but you are looking at one here!  Don’t miss your opportunity with this one!  Don’t be fooled by the open area on the aerial photo!  This is all super tall grass and productive ground too!  It’s all great deer and/or waterfowl holding habitat or food production area!

Complete Farm Soil Report

Check out these features:  (Special note:  Allot of deer use this farm!)

Note:  When I walked this farm, I found many HEAVY trails leading into and out of this property from the big timber to the east.  There are all sorts of big oaks on this property in the upland areas (white, red, black, and burr most prominent).  These will, no doubt, be prime bowhunting locations when the acorns are falling.  Several of the timbered acres are thick and should hold allot of deer.  Great habitat surrounds this property and deer should travel through this property in the fall from all compass directions!  I can personally vouch for this area being able to produce giant bucks!

  • Some of the very best deer hunting in the region!
  • In a highly desirable region that has a history of big buck production!
  • Only 8-miles south of Fairfield Iowa!
  • Excellent access with machinery, as desired to get into fields — high and dry access areas too! (three different gated access of gravel road).
  • Income from CRP wetlands program pays $334.25 per acre/per year through 2027!  This is on 19.08 total CRP acres == $6377 total income from Conservation Reserve Program per year.
  • Just over 20 acres of productive tillable ground that are not currently in CRP that could be cash rented (and or turned into very productive food plots!)  This ground should bring a minimum of $2,000 per year and up to $5,000 or so per year (estimates for cash renting this land to area farmer). This money is in addition to the income from the CRP program.   Total farm income should easily be in the $8377 – $10,00 per year range. 
  • Deer hunting and turkey numbers are excellent here!
  • This farm has some pheasant and quail hunting too!
  • Tons of stand site options for multiple wind directions!
  • Walking into the often prevailing south and westerly winds to get to stand sites!
  • Building sites!
  • Established food plot that is isolated and completely hidden!
  • Lots more food plot options!
  • Adjacent over 400-acres of big woods public hunting (this area seems lightly hunted).


Brand New Listing!

Davis County, Iowa 20 Acres (Solid Timber!)


If you would like to see your farm with a SOLD sign, you should Contact Us right away!  We Can Help!

Just $59,000

Here is that Rare small hunting parcel that not only offers some tremendously good hunting, but also is highly affordable!

 Aerial photo of Davis 20 


(click on picture above to see all pictures!)

Here is a Davis County Iowa 20 Acre timber video Presentation

Here are the Davis County Iowa 20 Acre timber Pictures

Note: There currently is no legal easement, by vehicle, into this property — access is walk-in only down a level lane.

  • Fantastic deer and turkey numbers in the area.
  • Trophy potential is good in this area.
  • Surrounded by big woods.
  • Area for possible secluded food plot (would require clearing some trees.)
  • Walk-in access to property — pan-flat 300 yard lane!
  • Pond with fish too!
  • This property could be just the one you are looking for if you are looking for a place to build that off-the-grid remote cabin!

Give Rich a call if you would like to see this great parcel before it is gone — 641-919-9026


Lucas County, Iowa 51 Acres m/l  (Approx. 18 mi S. of Knoxville and 45 miles from Des Moines)

You say you always wanted to have that home in the country overlooking your own private six-acre lake? (Note: such a lake can easily cost $75,000 or more to build!)

Your wish has come true!

    $375,000  Now $339,000

The Seller is ready to deal on this one!

picture of lucas county iowa 51 acre parcel Picture of house for sale in Lucas county Iowa on lake.Kayak holding largemouth horizontle

Iowa lake for sale. Lucas 51 tight Picture of shed deer antler.  Picture of some Iowa timber. timber area. Forest area in Iowa. Iowa forest. field picture


Watch Fishing Video Taken on This Lake HERE!

See Interactive/zoomable aerial map of property (be sure to click icons on map for more info. Also, go to base-maps at top > choose aerial image or topographic map)

This is a dream Iowa property for sure!  Here’s what you get:

  • 1248 square foot ranch-style home that sits on a gentle slope with gorgeous sunset views to the west looking over the lake.
  • large yard that looks like a huge garden-of-Eden with all sorts of flowers and various plantings.  Don’t be surprised to wake up in the morning to a large bunch of
  • deer or turkey walking through the back yard along the lakeshore!
  • The home is a very solid home on a concrete foundation built in 1974.  It has 3 full bedrooms and 1 full bathroom and a full basement.  Also, a beautiful porch area on which to sip your cup of coffee on in the morning!
  • The home does have an attached garage and there is also a small detached garage building on the premises.
  • The land offers incredible hunting opportunities for a smaller parcel.
  •  Gorgeous and very rare oak/savanna ecosystem with native prairie all around.
  • The tall grasses and thick cover offer outstanding deer sanctuary areas for living in day to day and for security cover.
  • The land offers various successional habitats from early to late stage (large oaks) which offers the ultimate in deer attractiveness!
  •  Edge habitat is very abundant and the early successional habitats offer lots of natural, native browse.
  •  Lots of treestand and set-up options, especially for smaller parcels.
  • There are at least 3 major areas that one could establish food plots in.
  • Abandoned roadway along the east side of the property allows easy entrance and exit into various stand setups – going into the wind to get to your stand!

And The Lake – Ah yes, THE LAKE! (Be sure to watch the fishing video from this lake HERE!)

  • The lake measures right at 6 acres and up to 7 acres (during really wet years).  Here is one pond that is totally justifiable to be called a lake!  (such a lake can easily cost $70,000-$100,000 or more to construct!)
  • The lake has abundant crappie with reports from the previous owner of numerous crappie up to and over 16 inches!  Those are huge crappies regardless of where you are fishing in the U.S.!  Right in the back yard!
  • Bass too—and some giant largemouth possible here!
  • In 2015 the owner stocked forage fish – golden shiners and fathead minnows at 10X the normal rate!  What this will do is create a huge buffet of food to resident fish and should make them grow super fast and to potentially huge sizes!   Big fish and I do mean really big fish could easily come from this lake at any given time –  could be a 10 lb largemouth bass or a 3 –4 lb. crappie – how great would that be?  Iowa DNR records show that ponds in southern Iowa consistently produce the most and biggest game fish of any bodies of water in the state!
  • Bluegill and catfish also present and could easily get to huge sizes here as well.

Here is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a great piece of Iowa hunting land along with a nice home and your own stocked lake – all in a post-card setting?  What in the world are you waiting for?  We don’t expect this one to last very long!

Call me now if you like to make this one your personal piece of paradise!  Rich 641-919-9026.

Van Buren 170 tight

 Below are a few sold Iowa farms, land, and acreages:

If you would like to see your farm with a SOLD sign, you should Contact Us right away — We Can Probably Help!


 Van Buren County, 170 Acres (Iowa hunting land for sale)

Priced at $3950/Acre (This is a SUPERB Iowa hunting farm for sale!)

Watch the video HERE!

Van Buren 170 tight


Aerial View of Van Buren 170

Watch the Video!

See pictures from this farm!

Here it is – your Iowa dream farm!  My Iowa dream trophy whitetail farm! 

You can look long and awfully hard to find a better Iowa land parcel for holding and growing big deer!  And you may look and look and look and never find another farm this good!

This Iowa farm for sale isn’t for just anyone.   This isn’t your average Iowa farm.   This isn’t your grandpa’s farm!  This farm is very special and has a history of producing big Iowa bucks!

The habitat components that make up all the acres, the timber, the CRP fields and the food plots, are all under intense management.  Forestry crews have gone through most of the forested acres and have hand-picked certain high-quality oaks, walnuts, and hickories that will remain as crop trees.  These crop trees are then thinned around to give them up to 2X normal growth speed and up to 10X the fruit/nut production of a “normal” tree!

Not only does all of this help your timber and ultimately the log value within the timber but this timber stand improvement (tsi) also gives a huge shot in the arm to the wildlife value of the forest itself – new growth sprouts up in areas that receive increased sunlight and this increases deer food and cover exponentially across the forested acres.  The result is that the managed timber becomes much more attractive to deer and other wildlife than neighboring timberland.  So guess where the deer will be?  Bingo!

                                          Van Buren 170 Acre Aerial Photo    

  1. The CRP acres – the Conservation Reserve Acres – 73.8 acres — have been planted to tall native grasses such as switchgrass, IndiaCRgrass and big bluestem.   This is a huge plus over “normal” crp acres that are planted in cool season grasses like brome or fescue.  The native grasses provide a much more desired habitat and holding cover for all sorts of wildlife.
  2. Approximately 15 acre tillable not in CRP.  This could be rented out and/or used as food plot area.  This could be an additional $3,000 estimated income per yer if cash rented out.
  3. The CRP income on this Iowa farm is estimated to be over $12,695/year.  Many of the CRP acres have corn suitability ratings (csr’s) over 80!  That is incredible and land with soils such as these have sold in the recent past in Iowa for $10,000/acre and more!
  4. This Iowa trophy whitetail farm has a superb mix of timber and tall native grasses and  food plots – yes, the food plots!  They are kept top-notch with appropriate levels of lime and fertilizer, to grow most anything that’s desired!
  5. There is a year-round stream on the property – this serves as a heavily used travel corridor for bucks during the rut! 

Keep in mind — the income numbers on this farm should go up when CRP contracts expire and get renewed or if elected to farm out instead of opting to re-enroll in the CRP program.  CRP contracts for this parcel expire in 2020, 2022, 2025 and 2026  (4 different contracts on this parcel).

Come check this place out before it is too late!  Call Rich at 641-919-9026

SOLD!  (If you would like to see your farm say “SOLD” like this one, you should Contact Us right away — we can probably help!

 Van Buren County, 40 Acres m/l  (Iowa hunting farm)

Here is an awesome whitetail tract at a manageable price.  This one is TOP-NOTCH!

(Note: This  Iowa farm for sale is offered as part of the 355 acre parcel also available on this site.  Here are some details of the farm.)
(This 40 acre parcel lies directly north of and borders the 63 acre parcel below.  Both are offered as possible splits off the larger Van Buren 355 acre parcel)
Priced at $3950/ Acre
Van Buren county Iowa 40 acre farm for sale.
See pictures from this farm!  (pictures are taken from the Van Buren 355 acre tract below which is part of this farm at present)
This Iowa farm offers CRP income as well as the chance to shoot a true Boone and Crockett caliber buck!  (They do live in this neighborhood. And the neighborhood is fantastic!)


If you would like to see your farm with a SOLD sign, you should Contact Us right away — We Can Probably Help!

Van Buren County, 40 Acres m/l (Iowa hunting land for sale)

Here’s and a truly awesome Iowa whitetail farm in the heart of a great region!

(Note: This Iowa land  is offered as part of the 355 acre parcel also available on this site here are some details of the farm)

(This 40 acre parcel lies directly west of and borders the 63 acre parcel below.  Both are offered as possible “splits” off the larger Van Buren 355 acre parcel)

Priced at $3900/Acre

Picture of Van Buren county Iowa 40 acre farm for sale.

See pictures from this farm!  (Note: This 40 is currently still part of the 355 acre portion and the pictures where taken throughout the 355 acre portion)

The 40 Acre tract  has 2 large Scent-tight tower blinds with new platforms and stairs– they are set to hunt!

A few farm details:

23.5 total CRP Acres expire in 2020; total CRP income $2438.00 per year.


If you would like to see your farm with a SOLD sign, you should Contact Us right away — We Can Probably Help!

Van Buren county, 63 Acres m/l (Iowa hunting land for sale)

Awesome whitetail farm in the heart of a great region!

(Note: This farm is offered as part of the 355 acre parcel also available on this site here are some details of the farm)

(This 63 acre parcel lies directly east of and borders the 40 acre parcel above.  Both are offered as possible “splits” off the larger Van Buren 355 acre parcel)

Priced at $3950/Acre == 3% return (approx)

Picture of Van Buren county Iowa 63 acre farm for sale.

The 63 Acre farm above comes with 1 huge double banks blind that is set to hunt!

See Pictures!  (Note: This 63 is currently still a part of the 355 acres and the pictures where taken throughout the 355 acres)

The 63 acre Iowa farm has two CRP contracts expiring 2022 and 2026 with approximately $7460/yr income  (exact amount not determinable until after final survey of property borders)


If you would like to see your farm with a SOLD sign, you should Contact Us right away — We Can Probably Help!

Van Buren county, 40 and 63 Acre parcels side-by-side!

Awesome whitetail parcels in the heart of a great region!

As part of the 355 acre parcel also available on this site here are some details of the farm.
Picture of Van Buren county 40 and 80 acre farms side by side.


If you would like to see your farm with a SOLD sign, you should Contact Us right away — We Can Probably Help!

Van Buren 355 Acre Iowa Whitetail and turkey Dream Farm! 


(farm has 6 scent-tight blinds with custom built platforms!)

Priced at $1475,000 (91.9 acres in CRP and 36.22 tillable acres not in CRP) == 128.12 tillable acres according to FSA

Van Buren county Iowa 355 acre farm for sale -- picture.

 This is one Incredible Trophy Whitetail Tract!  (Listing info and more pictures!)

Managed Head to Toe For Monster Bucks!  Check it out!  If you can find a nicer turn-key Iowa trophy whitetail paradise buy it!  They don’t get any better than this!

They Don’t get any NICER than this!  If you are looking for the ULTIMATE TURN-KEY IOWA TROPHY WHITETAIL FARM, LOOK NO FURTHER!
Your Dreams Can Come True!!!
If you like big deer than you have found the property!  This is a SPECTACULAR TRACT AND A TRUE ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY!  Parcels like this RARELY come onto the market!
Here is your chance to own that once-in-a-lifetime Iowa trophy whitetail parcel you have been dreaming of!                          
 Check out this parcel before someone else gets it!  

For the trophy whitetail hunter/land investor, that simply wants the best turn-key hunting option on the market today (in my opinion).  They don’t get much better!  You’ll want to check this place out!  Call me for your very own private showing!  641-919-9026

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If you would like to see your farm with a SOLD sign, you should Contact Us right away — We Can Probably Help!

Wapello county 63 Acre Parcel — Whitetail and turkey paradise with awesome log home!

(Wapello County, Iowa hunting land and farm for sale!)

Priced at $369,000!

(also available with 100 acre option — ask us about this!)

  • This is a sportsman’s dream property — awesome place to live and what an awesome southern Iowa hunting land!
  • Tons of superb features make this Iowa property stand head and shoulders above the rest!  CRP for income and plenty of mature timber too!
  • The beautiful log home has 2369 Square Feet of living space (includes fully finished basement — custom tile flooring in basement!)
  • 3-4 bedroom 2.5 bath — built in 2002.  Wrap-deck  with south and southwest facing views over the stocked pond!  Watch deer and turkey feed in your back yard while you watch the sunset!
  • 1344 square foot metal pole building is perfect for the vehicles and any “toys” you may have!
  • The land is made up of approximately 44 acres of upland hardwood timber comprised of various oaks, hickory, cherry, elm, etc.,
  • Approximately 19 acres of CRP paying $118.50 per acre through 2017 == $2252 per year.  (chances would be very good that this would be eligible for a renewal CRP contract at a newer/modern rate when this expires.  Or, one could easily farm or cash rent out the land)
  • There are deer and turkey all over this farm — check out the aerial photo HERE to see how this land spider’s out with numerous fingers and “coves” that would set up perfect for either deer or turkey hunting!
  • Trophy genetics on the whitetails is superb in the area with a long history of bucks scoring over 170 inches coming from the area — Hundreds of acres of land in the immediate area being strictly managed for giant bucks.
  • The farm backs into rather remote area of heavily timbered state land — with many super steep gullies and ravines between the border and the state land access — giving the owner of this property nearly exclusive access to hunt some remote areas of the state land AND to take advantage of wildlife coming off of the state land and onto the private!
  • This property also has young orchard with several species of apples trees — apple varieties specifically selected to drop fruit from late summer to late fall — when the hunter can take advantage of their attractiveness to the deer!
  • This farm also has 2 custom built — weather tight — and insulated tower blinds!  Perfect for hunting in fierce weather and/or with multiple hunters!
  • Contact [email protected] or call 641-919-9026 today for more info or to schedule a time to see this one!
13 Acres, M/L of awesome mature hardwood Iowa timber for sale.

Picture of Appanoose county Iowa 13 acre farm for sale

    Timber — Can You Say Superb Small Hunting Iowa Land? — Awesome buildings site too — NOW $42,000!        

16 Acres, ML For Sale    SOLD!


New Listing:


24 Acres  


Brand New Listing!

Get it while we still Got it!  Too late…..                                                                       SOLD!


Wapello 35 Acres, m/l

photo of wapello county 35 acres for sale -- google earth view

Listed at $2550 per acre  
This farm has so much “whitetail” packed into just 35 acres that it feels more like 80 acres!  (This was the thought going through my head the first time I walked it! )
Fantastic opportunity to buy an awesome Iowa whitetail farm for just a little bit more than a new diesel pickup truck!  Isn’t that ridiculous?  Guess which one will be worth more in 2 years?  5 years?  10 years?  (I know which one I’m picking!)
This really is a fantastic piece too!   Whitetails are here in great numbers.  The terrain is rolling wooded hills.  Lots of mature hardwoods — with allot of mature, acorn producing oak!  Thick stuff is here too!  The whitetails here have it made.  There no reason for them to go far, that’s for sure!
And this farm sits smack-dab center of some of the finest trophy whitetail producing ground in the United States (Or Canada or Mexico, for that matter!)
And talk about thick stuff…’s  here too, plenty of it in fact!    Great sanctuary cover.  And a creek too runs through this Iowa farm too!   Did I mention an 8 acre field with 52 CSR soil!  This would be a fantastic food plot area (obviously) or you one could use it to create an income stream — This type of soil would normally be expected to rent out for $140-$200 per acre, per year range.
AND did I mention that this Iowa farm land for sale has a killer view on top the field, overlooking the whole farm to the south — and a unreal view of the Des Moines river valley looking out to the north!!   This would be a great building spot, no question, with rural water (rural water is top quality water and is generally considered the most desired water source in southeastern Iowa), and electric service at the road.
And the embankment — oh the embankment!  It goes up along the adjacent road so that no one can see into the farm from the road — that’s right this farm has great access into it from the adjacent roadway to the north,  BUT the farm is hidden by the rising slope of the terrain along the road — making it hard for anyone’s prying eyes to be peeking into this property from the road!    You can have your cake and eat it too!  
This farm really does have so much going for it.  And it should set up great for the bow hunter (or the gun hunter).  With predominate southwesterly winds of the region, the hunter can walk into the winds to get into stand!  Perfecto!
Come take a look at this one before it slips away!   Call Rich at 641-919-9026

Wapello County, Iowa 140 Acres   SOLD!


Davis County Iowa 80 Acres


— Davis County Iowa 150 acres — Crop and Timber —


 Featured Listing!

Brand New Listing!

Very nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with deck overlooking your very own private spring fed lake!

121 Acres, M/L Wapello county, Iowa (Just 6 Miles from Ottumwa!)

Priced at $497,000

Yes — you can have your cake and eat it too! This property has it all!



Huge Bucks and Huge Bass are Here! Turkeys Too!

Watch the Video Clip (below) showing some of the land and terrain on this great parcel!  (depending on your connection speed you may have to wait a bit to let the video buffer)

Here is your chance to have it All!

  • This place isn’t missing a thing.  Very nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in very private setting surrounded by hundreds of acres of some of the finest whitetail hunting in the nation!
  • 121 acres, m/l of mixed timber and meadows with a private spring fed lake and several small ponds.
  • Approximately 25 acres of CRP paying approximately $2500/yr through 2017
  • Private spring fed lake!  The lake is spring fed and approximately 40 feet deep and is approximately 9 acres in size (according to the owner).  Stocked with bass, catfish, crappie and bluegill.
  • Largemouth bass of 8 and 9 lb’s have been caught (the Iowa state record is just over 10 lb’s so there is a serious chance this pond could produce a state record largemouth!
  • Trophy Whitetail hunting: The owner isn’t a trophy hunter as such but bucks in the 170-200 inch range have been harvested and seen on this property!
  • The timber features extensive areas of white oak with some areas of cedar (great bedding cover).  The white oak timber will gain significant value over the coming decades.
  • The owner has built several small ponds above the large main lake fingers to help filter any runoff (to keep the water in great shape)
  • The owner has built an extensive trail system throughout the property for easy access throughout with an atv or even a 4 x 4 truck.
  • Small ponds and a slough below the main lake with wood duck houses.  Perfect places to shoot some early season ducks!  (The main lake gets flights of geese stopping by and ducks too)
  • Contact Rich at 641-919-9026 or email [email protected] to make an appointment to see this beautiful property today!


Brand New Listing!

Location, Location, Location!!! Just 40 minutes from Des Moines, Iowa!

Marion Co. 107 acres (Near Knoxville!)

Check out the price on this great piece! $211,325 for 107 acres or $1975 per acre

Here is a property that has been managed for the past 7 years to produce big bucks. And, it is really starting to show it’s stuff!

Check out these features:

  • Thick, gnarly cover — the kind of stuff bucks must have to survive. Ideal security cover!
  • Oak Ridges — HUGE bur oaks line the short, narrow, ridges that rise above wooded flats and drainages. Perfect ambush sites to catch cruising bucks during the rut!
  • Creek Drainages meander through this parcel providing travel corridors and water sources year-round
  • AWESOME food plots sites — 3 of them — to grow lush grains, clovers, turnips, etc., to really hold the local deer and pull in bucks from far-off during the rut and winter seasons!
  • Lots of natural, native, food sources on this property in the form of low-lying native browse, seasonally abundant acorns, and locust pods for winter deer attraction.
  • This Iowa land for sale is surrounded by cover sources and large crop fields — The HOME BASE for a large portion of the deer in this area seems to be this property. They should feed in YOUR PLOTS before heading out to the large grain fields at dark to feed at night.
  • Power and water at the road!
  • 35-40 minutes from Des Moines!
  • The owner reports LOTS of buck rutting action during daylight hours — I can see why after looking at this one — cover, cover, cover, excellent food sources, water and perfect little openings scattered about for chasing areas.
  • Want to see LOTS of BIG RUBS? Come look at this property! It’s obvious that lots of large caliber bucks spend a lot of time on this one!
  • Priced at $211,325 or just $1975/Acre!

Call rich at 641-919-9026 or email [email protected] to see this property today!


Brand New Listing!

10 Acres, M/L Wapello County, Near Ottumwa

Immediately Adjacent Wapello 30 Acre listing below (Would be a great package with that property!)

Priced at $20,000 (less than the cost of a new pickup! What do you think will be worth more in a few years?)

Click HERE for Aerial View (narrow angle)

ClickHEREfor Aerial View (wide Angle)

Contact Rich at 641-919-9026 for more info on this listing!


BrandNew Listing!

30 Acres, M/L Wapello County, near Ottumwa

Priced at $178,000

Very comfortable 3 bedroom, 2 bath home overlooking a private 30 Acres of upland woods! Giant Oaks! A Creek! Tons of Wildlife!

What you see is what you get — a very comfortable 1648 square foot home with very low maintainance in a gorgous park-like setting!

Wildlife definitely abounds here — Great area for whitetails and turkey and top end-size here on the bucks is as good as anywhere in the state.  This Iowa hunting land should hunt large because the timber is connected to a much bigger block and is in the heart of a major creek travel corridor — year-round water source!

Click HERE to see larger Aerial View!

Click HERE for Pictures!

Here is just some of what this property offers:

  • Low maintainance vinyl-sided 3 bedroom, 2 bath home!
  • On cement slab — no basement to leak!
  • Steel roof!
  • Very nice deck!
  • LP stove/heater combined with baseboard electric heat
  • LP fireplace
  • Large garage and storage shed
  • Owner-built home!
  • Brand New Septic! (these cost typically $10,000 or so for a home this size)

Call Rich at 641-919-9026 for your private showing of this great property today!

Sold in just 12 Days!

  Brand New Listing!

 34 Acres, Lucas County — near Williamson

Price at just $265,000!

see this wonderful property before it is gone!

Sold! New Listing!  solid timber (Appanoose County, Iowa)   Sold!  Brand New Listing!

Warren County 35 Acres for Sale – 20 minutes from Des Moines!

Here is that once-in-a-lifetime chance to purchase a farm adjoining a huge wildlife refuge (these properties are needle-in-a-haystack finds and are rarely available!) This property — though not large — should hunt huge, as bucks from the adjoining refuge march through care-free during the rut! Priced at $148,000Click Here for Aerial of Farm!Click Here For Aerial of Farm (showing adjoining refuge)!Pictures of Farm — Click Here!Check it out:

  • Smaller farm packing a MAJOR punch! – 35 acres with all the right ingredients!
  • Priced at $148,000: an affordable piece and a unique opportunity to own the RIGHT small farm.
  • Tucked into some of the best whitetail habitat around and adjoining a 770-acre (that’s right – 770 acre!) wildlife refuge, this property carries the benefits of a MUCH, MUCH larger tract.
  • The old saying of ‘Location, Location, Location’… really rings true on this one.Rare barely begins to describe the opportunity to own a property conjoining a wildlife refuge in Iowa, let alone one that is less than 20 miles from Des Moines.How often does one get a guarantee of who their neighbor will be, let alone a neighbor that doesn’t allow any bucks to be shot?
  • Warren County land is very competitive and sought after with its proximity to the Des Moines metro, and the added bonus of great recreational potential is icing on the cake.
  • Top-notch whitetail genetics, this property will surprise year-end and year-out with an array of antler traits.
  • Newly established interior food plot – textbook ambush location along an already heavily traveled corridor.
  • Woodland pond provides a year-round water source to wildlife as well as a fantastic pinch point to catch cruising bucks funneling out of the refuge.
  • Quality wood producer:One of the most productive walnut sites I’ve seen: a unique scenario created along a spillway for Lake Ahquabi: bottom benches and fertile soils growing tall and clean trees.
  • A large 100-acre crop field outlines the west boundary – the first destination food source for deer coming out of the refuge.Huge winter attractant and a consistent bachelor pad for bucks in the summer!
  • Lake Ahquabi and surrounding areas provide a wide array of recreational opportunities outside of whitetail hunting…
  • o A no-wake, 115 acre lake with a beach
  • o The Hooper WMA down the road adds another 418 acres of quality public hunting.
  • o State park offers modern camping facilities, shelters, etc., and all just right around the corner!
  • To complement the whitetails, this property maintains a very healthy turkey population, and the large Ag field is a popular destination for waterfowl coming off the lake.
  • Minimal taxes ($220/yr.) as the majority of the property is enrolled in the Forest Reserve program
  •  Give Derek a call today at 515-554-0032 to schedule a showing of this one-of-a-kind piece!

Lake Ahquabi links of possible interest:


New Listing!

67 Acres, m/l Monroe county (just south of Blakesburg)


Check out this NEW Listing!

40 Acres M/L, Davis (Near Blakesburg)

Quality Whitetail parcel available for a limited time!


Brand New Listing!

208 Acres, Wapello County (12 miles from Ottumwa)

Click Here For Aerial View!

Get this one before it is gone!


510 Acres, Jefferson and Van Buren Counties, Iowa (Just 7 miles from Fairfield!)

Here is your chance to own your own spectacular whitetail/turkey paradise!

Click Here For More Pictures!

Click Here For Aerial!


Spectacular Trophy Parcel Now For Sale!

314.5 Acres, m/l Van Buren county, Iowa

Click Here For Aerial!

Click Here For Pictures!


Check Out This Awesome Log Cabin!!

Picture of log cabin in Iowa.

Click Here For Pictures!


A True Top-Notch Trophy Parcel!

198 Acres, m/l Wapello county, Iowa(approx 12 miles SE of Ottumwa)


Check this one out! (An Awesome Trophy Buck Farm!)

#200 Acres Monroe County (Near Albia)


Click Here For Aerial!


Great Investment Farm!

*94 acres M/L Davis and Appanoose Counties, Iowa

Click Here For Aerial!


# 95 Acres M/L Jefferson county, Iowa (7 miles S. of Fairfield)


Click Here For Pictures!


40 Acres, Davis Co. Iowa (NW of Bloomfield)


Brand New Listing!

45 Acres, M/L (Van Buren County)


Brand New Listing!


New Listing!

182 Acres, m/l Henry County, Iowa (approx 7 miles from Mt. Pleasant)


Brand New Listing!

110 Acres, m/l Wapello County, Iowa(approx 12 miles SE of Ottumwa)


*47 Acre Wetland, Wapello Co, Iowa


This Davis Co, 60 Acre Property needs to go Now!! So….

Check out this Great whitetail and turkey parcel!!

*60 Acres, Davis county, Iowa (about 12-14 miles sw of Bloomfield)


Awesome Listing!

#80 Acres, Lee Co., Iowa (near West Point and Fort Madison!)

Timber, some tillable, creeks, end-of-road-seclusion!

Superb Trophy Whitetail Parcel!

Click Here for Pics!


aerial view of farm.

# * Check out this Listing!

97 Acres, Decatur County (5 miles south of Leon)


Brand New Listing!

386 Acres near Birmingham, Iowa

Timber, Tillable, CRP and Trophy Whitetails!


Brand New Listing

80 Acre, Van Buren County, Iowa


Brand New Listing!

170 Acres, Davis Co. (Ottumwa Area)


Brand New Listing!

55 Acres M/L Wapello County, Iowa Adjacent 145 ACRE REFUGE (near Ottumwa)



#76 Acres Des Moines county, Iowa(Just 4 miles north of Burlington!)


200 Acres, Davis Co. Iowa. (10 miles south of Bloomfield)

This is a superb farm with income and great trophy buck potential!


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Picture of an Iowa whitetail buck.

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