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Hunt in total seclusion and comfort -- even in a rainstorm or blizzard with our.....
Odor-Locking and Ultra Effective........
(Ideal for deer and turkey hunting or photography!)
If you can find a better blind than this at any price buy it and give me a call  and let me know -- these blinds will revolutionize the way you hunt!  Deer do not smell you in this blind!  

(We had 3 different longbeards within 6 yards of us when my son, Allen and I bowshot the bird below.  These blinds allow you CLOSE RANGE SHOTS on game!)
(You can camp in these blinds in total comfort over night -- yes even in heavy rain -- to hunt the morning without leaving another scent-trail out of the timber!  Take your kids, wife or a friend with you -- game will never know you are there!)

........from Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services!  We dare you to compare these to any other blind on the market!  

The Ultimate Blind for the Ultimate Experience!
Scent-sealing and odor-locking lets you  HUNT BIG BUCKS EFFECTIVELY ANYWHERE AND WITH ANY WIND DIRECTION!  Can you do that with your blind or tree stand?  These blinds will revolutionize the way you hunt!  Hunt where you want to hunt, not where the wind dictates!
Exclusive weather-lock elbow chimney system with carbon filter traps human scent and vents escaping air way, way up!  (blind comes with 40 feet of chimney for placing up in a tree but we can supply you with nearly any length desired!)
No annual Maintenance!
Midnight-Hide Inside -- It's Dark in there!  You can move on game even as they look your way without detection!
These are CUSTOM BLINDS meaning you order window/viewing ports to your own desired size, shape and placement wishes!  
Totally Weather-Proof!  Hunt comfortably in any weather, any time, any place in total odor locking seclusion -- think about that for a minute!
Made of High Density Polyethylene -- Structure is tank-tough one piece all-welded construction -- -- no joints to seal either!  
CDX Plywood floor features non-skid indoor/outdoor carpeting!  
Ghost-Port windows are DEAD QUIET and can be silently opened with game standing just feet from the blind without spooking them!
Blinds feature Brush-Belts on all sides and roof which make it a snap to brush in the blind in any environment!
Front door can be padlocked shut.
An odor-sucking carbon filter in the blind's chimney weather-lock elbow means this blind lets you hunt discreetly on the ground or on an above ground support system!  
Skid system under blinds enables easy transport around hunting area with an atv or other vehicle!
Weight 200-450 pounds (approximately) depending on model.
10 year warrantee on shell!

6'x 6'  (Bowhunter 1)
5'x 5'  (Bowhunter 2)
4' x 4' (center height -- gunner's blind)

(Center height is 5 feet on gunner model  and 6' 4" on others)  (approximate height)

Now offering our super mobile "deal on wheels" -- check out our trailer mount option for your blind!  Pull it around with your ATV, car or pickup!  Now that's portable!  (Trailer use is designed for moving blind around your land not road transport).  Put jack stands or blocks in the corners to level it when you arrive, climb in and hunt.  It is permanently mounted to the trailer....

Pricing: 6' x 6' Bowhunter 1 blind is $1899
                 5' x 5' Bowhunter 2 blind is $1750
Trailer Mount Option:  $500
Skids -- lets you pull your blind around your land with an ATV: $200  
Contact us to order your Blind Today!  [email protected]ahabitats.com

6 x 6 x 6' 4" Bowhunter 1 model shown below -- This blind is the Cadillac of blinds and two bowhunters can hunt in total comfort in this thing for many hours or even days (it's big enough for most to sleep in!)  Model below also features custom 6" viewing ports on each side that also serve as photo/video ports.  This blind is big enough for a 6 foot tall man to even stand up and shoot a bow out of very comfortably!  Bring the kids with you -- this is perfect!

My son Allen wanted to help me get some groceries so we stepped up to the meat counter and viola.....Dead Deer!  We had deer feeding straight downwind of our Bowhunter 2 blind for 30 minutes before I opened a window, drew back and shot this deer....these blinds are DARK inside which lets the hunter remain undetected even when game is looking your way and you are moving!

Rich Waite is a registered and licensed real estate Broker in Iowa with Midwest Property Sales.   Midwest Property Sales is an Iowa-based real estate agency.  Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services, LLC is a web-based marketing platform that showcases   properties for sale, or auction, by licensed real estate agents and/or licensed auctioneers, where applicable -- both with Midwest Property Sales and with partnering companies through statutory legal agreements.  Rich Waite as owner of Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services, LLC makes no claims that Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services, LLC is an independent real estate company.

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Rich Waite is a licensed Iowa real estate broker and owner of Midwest Property Sales.  He is a member of the Southeast Iowa Board Of Realtors, The Iowa Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors.

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