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**Wouldn't you like to see what you've been missing?  Above are just a few of the nice bucks our digital game cam's have photographed recently.  Sign up now for our digital trail camera program and find out what kind of bucks live where you hunt! (Details below).

There is no doubt about it: Many of you would like to be able to spend more time at your property, hunting, fishing, scouting, etc. But, alas, there is never enough time!

Sound familiar?

We want you to spend as much time at your property as you'd like. And while this isn't always possible, the plans we offer below may help you somewhat in that regard:

Professional hunt scouting, and other services, are available for the landowner. They consist of a variety of levels, below:

Basic One-time Scout -- We walk the property noting, game trails, tracks, travel routes, animals seen, etc. We identify top tree stand areas. We identify top food sources. We identify likely bedding areas. $100 in southeast Iowa. $125 south-central Iowa , $175 east central Iowa.

**One-Time-Scout Plus Photo Monitoring: Can incorporate all of the "One-Time Scout" plan along with use of a remote surveillance infrared heat seeking game camera. (Or you may opt for just the photo scouting plan which may be paid for separately.) Here's the scoop on the camera plan: we set up high-quality digital trail cameras in likely areas and email you the pictures on a bi-weekly basis (or send them to you on disk, your option) -- tells you just what sort of animals are on your land for sure! We use one camera per 100 acres of woodland habitat, which is the rate photo-researchers recommend. $40 monthly SE Iowa and $60 monthly SC Iowa, per camera, plus one-time scouting fees if desired. Sorry, this service is not yet available in other areas.

Spring Shed Hunt and Rut Sign Scouting: The purpose of this package is to help you identify exactly what sort of deer are on your land now and how big they might be next year. IWHS will search in key areas of your property to locate the most sheds. We will photograph the sheds and send you a top quality digital photo via e-mail or through snail mail as a print. You get to keep all sheds -- they will be placed in a hidden container on your property. Fee: $35 per hour.

General Maintenance Inspection. With this plan, IWHS will walk your boundary to inspect your fence line condition twice per year (once in fall, once in spring). IWHS will also inspect the main access area of your property on a monthly basis to ensure gates are in order and such. Presently, this program is only available to landowners in southeast and south-central Iowa. Fees are $30 per month SE Iowa and $50 per month SC Iowa.

Deer/pheasant feeder establishment and maintenance. We can erect timer or gravity-fed feeders on your land at your request. A gravity fed feeder that holds 200 pounds of corn costs $25; timer feeders vary in price according to the size and make that you desire. We will fill these with corn on a bi-weekly or monthly basis from January 15th - early spring. You pay for the cost of the corn -- usually around $4 per 60 pound bag -- plus a $25 per feeder maintenance charge for each fill. (We have a $50 minimum feeder maintenance charge on feeders located more than 50 miles from Fairfield, Iowa. Currently, we are only offering feeder maintenance plans for feeders located within 100 miles of Fairfield, Iowa.)

Deer trail establishment. Yes, you read this right -- we will establish deer trails for you! In heavy cover areas, this is often multiflora rose or some other ground cover, we will trim a trail through the cover. If done a month or more before season, deer will often use this trail during hunting season as a means of easy and secure daytime travel. It is indeed possible that you can then "funnel" the deer right to your stand site. (Note: stand sites in such heavy cover areas can be dynamite for big buck movement during daylight!) Your cost is $1 per yard of trail for trails up to 1 yard wide, which is what we recommend.

Sanctuary creation and establishment. IWHS will identify top areas of your property that you may want to leave as a sanctuary to encourage big buck year-round use and home range establishment on your property.  Creating a sanctuary zone on your property is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to increase the quality of bucks in your area!  

Just click [email protected] for more info or to sign up your land for one of our programs!

 **Note: Our photo monitoring program is no longer available.....we apologize but fuel prices these days make it so we can't even break even on that program!

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Rich Waite is a licensed Iowa real estate broker and owner of Midwest Property Sales.  He is a member of the Southeast Iowa Board Of Realtors, The Iowa Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors.

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