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Let decades of  hunting experience work for you! Have IWHS design a Wildlife/Hunting Plan specifically for you and your Iowa or Missouri land!
Below are samples of the end hunting results you can expect with a detailed consulting plan from IWHS. Why not manage YOUR land the right way, to grow and hold the maximimum number of trophy bucks your property is capable of? Why not find out how to shoot the bucks you and your trail cameras are seeing?


2009 buck photo 2010 harvest buck photo of buck number 1

 2009 Photo Above              2010 Photo Above


 2010 buck harvest photo buck number 2 

Fall 2010 (both harvest photo and video)     


2010 trail camera photo of buck number 3        2010 harvest photo of buck number 3

2010 Fall (both photos)



Our Wildlife Consulting Plans are, simply put, the easiest way for you to turn your property into a hunting paradise!


Here's how the plans work:


  • We meet with you to make an initial inspection of your property and to discuss your goals (more deer, bigger deer, more turkey, more pheasant, etc..etc..). This initial consultation is FREE.
  • We then devise a detailed management plan specifically for your property. The plan details, in a step-by-step fashion how you can reach your goals as quickly and as easily as possible!
  • In many cases, significant cost-share money is available for various types of habitat improvement work: tree planting, timber stand improvements, wetlands, etc... We give you the proper forms and guide you through filling them out to receive the money for the projects! We know the details of getting you the maximum cost-share funding available for your parcel.
  • We also, give you contact information of who can do the work for you if desired. In most cases, we can do the work ourselves. Of course, you may elect to do some of it your self or you may decide to hire someone else -- that decision is up to you! You always have total control of your habitat improvements every step of the way! 

And now, FREE with every consulting plan comes our detailed guide to stand placement on your property! We inspect your property to find the best possible potential stand sites. We then tell you exactly which trees we would be hunting for the big bucks (or turkeys) if the land were ours. We map out all the locations on a good aerial map -- and reveal the exact wind direction we would choose to hunt the parcel if the land were ours! Now, I'm not saying we always know exactly the best places on every farm -- but our staff has over 80 years of combined deer hunting experience and we have gotten pretty good at pinpointing prime stand locations over that time.

It takes years to figure out the intricate art of precise tree stand placement to take mature bucks -- so why wait when you can take advantage of our experience?


Let the IWHS staff show you exactly where to set your stand/blinds for your best chance at big bucks on your farm! (Note: for insurance/liability reasons we can no longer actually set up the stands for you. )



We sincerely believe that our wildlife consulting plans offer the landowner the best, easiest, and quickest route to maximizing wildlife potential and individual hunter effectives, on their land.


Plans run from $6-$9 per acre, depending upon parcel size, type and location.


Here's what you'll find in the box:


A specific plan for your land that is 20-30 pages in length. The plan comes in a presentation grade custom three-ring binder. Each page is weather protected by lamination or plastic sleeve. Each plan also comes with any professional management plans that we would suggest utilizing for habit upgrade work to reach any management goals you may have (such as producing more big bucks). These "plans within the plan" are written by our staff and include all necessary forms and info to help you get immediate and maximum cost-share dollars as soon as possible! (We know it can be difficult understanding the maze of paperwork and all the cost-share options available. Our goal is to make it as easy and as understandable as possible for you to get any habitat improvement projects you may like going right away -- so we do all the paperwork for you! And sign up now to receive a FREE Garmin GPS with top stand sites marked!


The end result is that you'll have a plan that is a precise prescription for you to obtain your wildlife and hunting goals on your property in the fastest and most economical way possible!


D. V. SC Iowa: "We were very impressed with your proposal. Very professional and informative! You really opened our eyes to a lot of things. We really feel your plan is going to help us turn this place into one of the best hunting parcels in Iowa and make our land much more valuable as well -- Thank You!"


C.W., Iowa: "Your proposal was very thorough. We plan on incorporating almost everything into our management program. Our ultimate goal is to turn our farms into something truly special. With your help, we are well on our way!"


S. K., Florida: "Thanks for the plan! Looks incredible! With your help this farm is going to become something truly spectacular!


E. G. Iowa: "Your consulting plan is really going to help us move forward with our management goals. We want you guys to do everything in the plan right away. We are really looking forward to see things transform on this property."


M. G., Iowa: "Thanks for the proposal. Looks great. Lets move forward with everything".


M. P., New Jersey: "Thanks for the proposal. Your ideas were exactly what I was looking for to help produce giant bucks on our farm".


E. B., California: "Thanks for the consulting plan. It's fantastic. With your help, our farm can become truly top notch for big deer production. Thanks for all of your help!"


T. S., Nebraska: "Thanks so much for the detailed proposal -- looks excellent!"


D. G., Nebraska: "Thanks for the consulting plan -- looks terrific. I plan on doing most of the ideas you talked about to step up the quality of my big buck hunting. Thanks again...."


W. R. Mississippi: "Thanks for the consulting plan. Your ideas should really help us turn this place into something truly special."








Call 641-919-9026 or email [email protected] today for more info or to get signed up!


Or....even easier.....


Rich Waite is a registered and licensed real estate Broker in Iowa with Midwest Property Sales.   Midwest Property Sales is an Iowa-based real estate agency.  Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services, LLC is a web-based marketing platform that showcases   properties for sale, or auction, by licensed real estate agents and/or licensed auctioneers, where applicable -- both with Midwest Property Sales and with partnering companies through statutory legal agreements.  Rich Waite as owner of Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services, LLC makes no claims that Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services, LLC is an independent real estate company.

The information provided on these pages is deemed accurate, but is subject to errors, omissions, price changes, prior sale, or listing withdrawal.   Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services LLC, and Rich Waite, as owner of, do not guarantee or are not in any way responsible for the accuracy or completeness of given information, and provide given information without warranty of any kind.   Individuals should verify questions themselves and/or with appropriate agent of given listing.

Rich Waite is a licensed Iowa real estate broker and owner of Midwest Property Sales.  He is a member of the Southeast Iowa Board Of Realtors, The Iowa Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors.

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