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Why Work with Midwest Property Sales? 

(A better question: why in the world would you not?)


That is a good question and one that you should ask yourself! Midwest Property Sales is a branch of Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services, IWHS, and we have been around almost 15 years and have seen many companies come and go! In fact, we were the first company -- that I am aware of -- that began with a specialty of helping landowners develop their properties specifically for wildlife and often most specifically for mega-size whitetails!

We, as a company, and me, as an individual and owner and originator of both companies, have been involved first-hand with literally hundreds of wildlife enhancement projects across Iowa and northern Missouri:  From designing and creating food plots acres, to creating site-specific professional forestry management plans -- and carrying them out – to prairie plantings, timber sales, tree plantings, invasive species control, planting orchards, creating pond designs, fish stocking, trail creation, mowing, spraying, mid-contract CRP management, fish feeder installation, deer feeder installation, goose nest installations, timber cruises and timber appraisals, hunting blinds invention and implementation, etc.,. As you can see -- we have been involved in allot of project over the years!! Many, if not most of the projects we have completed over the years have been inspected and given full support and approval by respective habitat professionals – IDNR regional state foresters, biologists, etc. When we do a project we want to make sure we do it right and we have always worked hand-in-hand with state and Federal wildlife and forestry personal.

While Midwest Property Sales is not in and of itself a property management company, it is firmly tied to Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services – IWHS is it's heartbeat! The mission of Midwest Property Sales -- MPS -- is to handle the land sales component of Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services (IWHS) – to carry on the tradition of IWHS, and to best serve customers and clients by being able to focus on the specific land buying/selling goals they have. The MPS mission, then, in it's simpliest of terms, is to help clients buy and sell land, with superior service characterized by agents having a solid understanding of the core elements of wildlife management and habitat creation. Our agents have the backing of a long established wildlife management company. IWHS is always there to help individual sales agents as needed in regard to specific wildlife habitat creation or implementation goals customers or clients may desire. Our agents can fall upon our parent company when needed with questions and/or for individual training, as needed.

Midwest Property Sales Agents are, "on the grounds" people. That is we are out there and getting things done -- whether it be meeting with clients, investigating properties, appraising farms, or simply putting up signs. We are on the go and in the field!  This is what we do!

And hunt -- yes, oh yes, we hunt! We don't claim to be professional hunters, we don't have T.V. shows, and we don't try to sell you deer calls, but we do hunt hard -- nearly everyday of the season --some of us anyway (that would be me). We hunt on "everyday" properties for the most part. Or, at least I do, as the owner of both companies: I hunt my own land -- smaller tracts -- like so many of you have -- with nothing over 120 acres. I will just speak for myself here and say that I don't hunt those "fairy-tale" type farms that you see on T.V. You know, properties managed for just one or two people that may be 500 acres, 1,000 acres or even larger. Those are dream properties for most of us – most of us won't own farms like that or hunt farms like that routenly. I have nothing against those people that do, I just choose not to. I prefer to hunt my own land – much smaller farms – farms that I manage for producing the biggest bucks possible. It is what I have and it is what I can afford. It isn't always easy and I hardly ever pass on a buck over 160' (unless I know he is 3.5 years or younger). I don't have the luxury of letting 180's walk on these smaller parcels, thinking realistically that they will make it to next season. Even with the best habitat imaginable, on smaller tracts, bucks will cross fences and cross them often, most likely.

Despite the inherent limitations of smaller land parcels, big bucks can be taken from them on a routhine basis with care and good management. I've taken eight bucks in the last seven years scoring 165 - 180" B & C inches (gross) and one of those bucks ranks as one of the largest 8 point whitetail typicals in the world. I say this just to let you know that what we do works. Our company knows whitetails and how to manage them!  Midwest property Sales Agents have the luxury of being backed and supported by a company with a proven track record of Big Deer Production and proven wildlife habitat management knowledge. Sure – we've worked on huge farms – some over 1,000 acres but so much of what we have done is on “real” farms” i.e., – normal-sized parcels that most of us have.

Any time an agent has a question they can call me personally and I will help them out! Before you hire or work for a company in regard to land sales or habitat management -- be sure to check out their background. Do they just sell land and talk about big deer or do they really know what they are talking about deep down and have a passion for it!  Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services has long been the leader in wildlife habitat creation and manipulation for asset enhancement, including the maximum production of big deer on smaller properties. Midwest Property Sales Professionals have that to draw upon. They always will. Not just “big deer talk” but the “big deer walk”. We know what land management is about because we have been doing it for many years longer than many real estate companies have even been around.

And here is something else to think about: Trees!

Forestland can be HIGHLY valuable and can be a fantastic investment but only if one can recognize tree species, basal area specifics, age, size, and quality of the trees involved. Forestland can definitely be a SOLID investment and is certainly capable of appreciating faster than many other investment opportunities. But only when one knows how to properly value the trees! (Imagine selling someone's Lexus, thinking that it was an old Yugo!). Not knowing the value of the timber can and will hurt the buyer and the seller at some point!  Our agents are provided training days, where they learn about tree species I.D. and forest valuation. 

So, Midwest Property Sales Land Specialists gain a solid understanding of how to properly value timber based on the tree species, age, size and quality as well as the habitat component they are inherently a part of as part of the environment. And, they know how to “read the timber” from a hunter's standpoint – they know how to use the timber as a hunting advantage from a stand placement perspective and possess an ability to “think like a deer” in deciding how deer – and in particual big bucks – would likely travel the terrain.


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